About Me

At Bright Life Toys, you can find a wide variety of spectacular handmade fabric toys your children can enjoy for years. Many of the toys offered are original designs that are a hit with kids across the world. Most recently, my fantastic customers are enjoying an increased offering of products made with luxurious Organic Bamboo Velour, hand-dyed in a variety of colors/patterns ... and softer than a baby's kiss.

My name is Gail and I'm a mom of three who loves making original handmade toys. I began sewing at my mother's knee as a young girl and have loved it ever since.

After a series of toy recalls in the U.S. in recent years, I began sewing toys for my kids. They were such a great hit that I began offering my services online to communities like Diaper Swappers, HyenaCart and Etsy soon after.

If you want something you don't see here or on any of my other pages, let me know -- I might just make it!