The Radish and the Pea

I am an impatient gardener. There. I said it. I believe seeds should sprout the very moment I put them in the ground, kind of like magic beans.

I believe tomatoes should magically appear on my tomato plants the second they are in the ground.

Seeds drive me nuts. I do better with bedding plants, because I at least know something is going on. I can see it. 

About 10 days ago, I planted sugar snap peas and radishes in my garden. I lovingly ensured their holes were the exact depth they should have been. And if you've ever seen radish seeds, you'd know that is a very tedious task.

In all of my glorious wisdom (and extreme excitement over garden season finally being here), I didn't check the weather before I planted my seeds. It poured the day after I put them in the ground - like a monsoon. 

Every day I have gone out to the garden and crouched down to check for growth. Every day I was disappointed, and completely sure that the rain washed all of my precious seeds away. So what did I do? I started a new batch inside.

That way, I can set out my super trusty bedding plants.

Fast forward to today. I was staring at my garden, mad at it. How dare you not sprout while still in my hands, seeds! I went outside to take the compost out. What do I find?


And a pea!

So after I did my rooster-walk around my garden, patting myself on the back on what an amazing gardener I am and congratulating myself on my incredible patience (note the sarcasm, folks) I took a walk around the rest of the house to see what else this early spring has to offer.

My strawberry plants are getting ready to flower!

I picked these up from the nursery because they reminded me of truffla trees (from The Lorax).

Inside, my oldest daughter and I repotted all of our tomato plants to their own containers now that they have their first set of true leaves. The first picture below is a Brandywine tomato, which has potato leaves instead of the traditional tomato leaf= (like the second photo).

Are you a patient gardener? What gifts has spring brought you?

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  1. radishes are so satisfying, especially for the inpatient gardener (right there with you) they always grow, the grow fast and you always get more radishes than you know what to do with!!