Winter Grown Tomatoes

I love the science behind gardening almost as much as I love the actual act of gardening itself. This year I wanted to try to grow tomatoes indoors to get me through to July, when I'll *hopefully* be harvesting the beginning of the crop for 2014.

I started some "sweet baby girl" tomato seeds indoors about 6 weeks ago, and planted them a couple of days before Christmas. They're in 10 gallon Smart Pots which are filled with my homemade potting mix.

I used coir (a byproduct of the coconut industry), vermiculite, worm castings and rock dust. So far, the plants are looking fantastic, and are starting to set fruit.

In just over a month, I'll be sowing seeds for the spring crop - broccoli, swiss chard, onions, peas and beets! 

Have you started thinking about your 2014 garden yet?

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