Photo Contest! Earn FREE Toys!!

Want to earn FREE toys?



Send photos of your little ones enjoying their toys from Bright Life Toys. Photos must be high resolution, and at least 1500 pixels wide.

Need ideas? Pictures of kids running with playsilks, having a tea party with dolls, carting around their gnomes or simply squeezing their OBV plushies would be great!



By sending photos, you agree for them to be used in any online and / or print advertising for Bright Life Toys.

If your photo is selected, you will be sent a e-gift card for $15 towards any instock item on Etsy.

Have multiple pictures? You can win multiple gift cards! If more than 1 of your photos is chosen, you'll receive more than 1 gift card!

Entries will be open from 1/27/2012 until 1/31/2012 at noon EST. Send photos to

Good luck!

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