What I've Been Up To

This past month has been busy (isn't everyone busy?) here at BLT. I finished up a co-op style sale on Etsy, and have been pulling veggies out of the garden left and right. It started off pretty small, but then got progressively larger:

Then there is the dyeing. Oh, the dyeing.

I managed to get a couple of my Bermuda colorways done. (More about those in a separate post.)

There was also an extremely exciting morning where my oldest came running into my studio, screaming that something horrible was happening in the house. I ran into the kitchen to discover that the ceiling was leaking onto my kitchen table. Turns out the shower dohickey was loose, and it just needed to be tightened. My super handy husband repaired it and then patched the ceiling. He made a bigger mess than intended.

I'll be going more into the Bermuda colorways (and dyeing some more!) in the very near future! Stay tuned!

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