Gardening Win!

After last week's horribly depressing gardening fails, I tromped back outside today to remove the damaged plants from the frost. I replaced most of them with Sungold and Sunsugar tomato starts from the nursery (5 total) and replaced 2 damaged Cherokee Purple with 2 new Cherokee Purple. All in all, 7 out of 40 isn't horrible.

It's warmed up a bit, and things in the garden are looking much happier.

I noticed the first flowers on a Sungold plant a week ago, and today the blossoms dried up and dropped off. They revealed this:

Sungold tomato - first fruit formed 

Sungold tomato - first fruit formed
My hops are sending out lots of new growth, and I have two strong healthy bines coming from the rhizome.

Hops bines

I thought I had pulled all of the flowers off of the pepper plants, but obviously I missed one because this is what I found today:

Baby pepper

Most of the tomato plants are all getting their first set of flowers, which is about a week earlier than last year. This coincides with the respective planting dates - last year, I set the plants out a week later than I did this year. 

And just for fun, some flower pictures!

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