Ohhhh SNAP!

Clever title for a blog entry about peas, eh?

I'm an impatient gardener. I believe I've mentioned that before. Why yes, I have - here

Last year was a bad year for peas and I. Not only do I feel that I put them in later than I should have, I also battled a groundhog. I noticed it in the boggy area in my backyard, and then she moved into the garden. She ate all of my pea plants to the ground, and all of my green bean plants.

I convinced my husband to put up chicken wire around the interior of the garden fence. One day Ms. Groundhog pushed through the chicken wire (he hadn't yet buried it) and was happily mowing down my snow peas. Trouble for her is, I didn't know she was out there when I let my dogs outside. She couldn't get out of the garden because of the chicken wire, and my dogs solved the ground hog problem. 

After that, the snow peas flourished, but it was also quite late in the season so the yield wasn't amazing.

So this year I decided to try to start things earlier. I started 80+ peas inside (*gasp* naughty gardener that I am. Peas are supposed to be direct sow). I soaked them in water overnight to make germination faster.

Then prepared the seed starter. This one came with a bunch of discs you just add water to.

After adding the water, just wait for the mix to grow.

I went through the peas, choosing ones like the one on the left, instead of the one on the right.

3 days later, they're starting to sprout! I'll transplant them outside to the garden in the next 2-3 weeks, weather depending.

Do you follow the "rules" of gardening? Or do you kind of fly by the seat of your pants like me?

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