Whoa Nelly!

So far, this winter has been comparable to last winter in my area. It's been very mild and temps hover right around freezing at night, but warm into the 50s during the day. 

I went to water my snow peas this morning, and found this -

Whoa nelly! The long roots are already growing through the bottom of the seed starting trays, so I figured it was time to get them in the ground.

Now, I'm very well aware that I'm a couple weeks early for pea planting. I'm very well aware that I'm very impatient. I'm also aware that impatience has consequences, like having to put your peas outside too early and having to gamble with their survival.

So we'll call this an experiment. Last year I put my peas in too late and fought with a ground hog over them. I harvested a quart to keep, and maybe a couple more quarts for fresh eating. And did a lot of swearing at the groundhog and the weather.

I went out to the garden and planted the peas along the chicken wire that prevents any more groundhogs from having a snack at the expense of my plants. Temps are supposed to be rather mild for the next week at least, and then it may get colder at night.

Cross your fingers that they make it! It would be pretty awesome if they did, and I got an early harvest out of them. If they kick the bucket, I'm only out a pack of seeds and 4 days of my time.

What's a gardening no-no you've done? Did it work out in the end for you?


  1. How are they doing so far???? I feel like I'm so far behind with my seed starting it's depressing.

  2. Lindsay, the 14* temps killed them. LOL I'll be dropping some more snow peas in the ground next week. :)