A New Year - A Slew of Resolutions

I've mentioned several times in the 4 blog posts I did last year that I'm a terrible blogger. I just forget to post, or put it off until months have gone by.

Well, I'm going to fix that this year. There will be blog posts a-plenty, as I'm going to use this as part gardening journal too. (This is so I don't wind up irritating my friends on Facebook more than I already do.)

Part of my business goals for 2013 will be to blog consistently. This will be part business related, but mostly personal stuff about me and what I like to do when I'm not chained to my machines.

So, here we go!

I vastly enjoy gardening. I love putting a tiny seed into the ground (or a seedling tray) and seeing a wee plant emerge. I love seeing that seedling grow up into an enormous plant.

In particular, I love swiss chard. I tried it for the first time for Christmas dinner, and knew I wanted to put it in my garden. I also love rainbows, and chard comes in a rainbow of colors! In my area, chard can go in the garden in February.

I started a tray of chard seedlings on Saturday and they're germinating today.

My best friend and I are gardening buddies this year, and we're growing basil together for kitchen use. i.e. we need something to grow NOW to tide us over until we can start our summer stuff. See the wee little basil neck?

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